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About Us

About Crossing Back to Health

I have evolved my practice of medicine to encompass a “whole body/whole person” approach. This has lead me to practice Functional Medicine -  a holistic patient-centered approach to healing that seeks to identify the root cause of symptoms, while respecting the integrated nature of the many parts and systems of the body.  By supporting the body with nutrients and removing toxins that impede function, we are able to optimize health. As a doctor - patient team, we work together to restore a healthy balance that is a needed for your best level of health.

We believe in optimal health and your ability to achieve it! Our approach facilitates healing because we are:

  • Comprehensive
  • Individualized
  • Targeted
  • Foundational
  • Creative & innovative
  • Natural & safe

We support the body so it can do its job. Our patients have found this approach to be FAR more effective and efficient than other approaches available today. See our testimonials!

Meet Dr. Amy Davis M.D.

As a medical doctor, I combine my training, practice, and experience in traditional Internal Medicine with nontraditional, complementary medicine to offer each patient the best of both worlds. My background provides me with a wide variety of treatment options to choose from as we work together to uncover the root causes of health issues. This innovative approach has enabled my patients to effectively relieve their symptoms and efficiently optimize their health.

I understand both sides of the fence and am able to draw from both Western and Eastern methods to create unique treatment approaches for my patients. This results in individualized solutions that are comprehensive, natural, safe and highly effective. 

My Inspiration: http://www.crossingbacktohealth.com/about-us/our-team/dr-davis/my-inspiration/

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