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Hidden Lessons from the Pandemic


This chaotic time of COVID-19 is full of challenges.  Initially there was fear and little information about this new strain of coronavirus.  The “experts” had a different opinion daily with inconsistent advice.  The lockdown was rapidly implemented.  Schools and universities closed.  E-learning began.  Parents had to adjust rapidly to this while trying to work from home.  Social distancing and mask wearing were implemented.  Shortages were experienced.  Important events were missed – graduations, proms, weddings, birthdays and even funerals.  So many rapid adjustments and loss has created a great deal of stress.       

It’s been a rare opportunity to slow down and figure out what is most important in life and to find peace.  What a gift!  It is like stepping back to simpler times when cell phones and the internet didn’t exist and our society was less busy, more connected.  I am incredibly grateful for the lessons learned.    


  • Gratefulness – for family, friends, co-workers, health, health care workers and essential workers.
  • Faith – there is purpose for everything that happens and we will be alright, maybe better for it.
  • Balance – extra sleep (builds the adrenal bank account and enhances resilience), relaxation, gardening, cooking and walks in nature.
  • Relationships - reconnecting, strengthening partnerships, talking to your kids, eating with family.
  • Social connection – so missed and the desire to reconnect, strong – We are a very disconnected society and the shutdown has taken this to the extreme. Now we are truly aware of what we were missing.  I’ve been leaving my phone at home on purpose! 
  • Ingenuity - there is a big push to find solutions for working at home and communicating with co-workers, clients, friends and family.  Zoom has become a household word and is facilitating telehealth, meetings, teaching and even art classes from home.  The shortage of masks and hand sanitizers led to DIY masks and sanitizers that work. 
  • Preparedness – We are much more aware and better prepared for a possible second wave of Coronavirus cases which could be worse than the first.
  • Creativity – There is time to explore new interests. Art, cooking, gardening, games, bicycling or writing.
  • Mindfulness – It’s been an excellent time for solitude, breathing, meditation, being in nature and just being still and sitting with feelings to process them.
  • Simplifying – Decluttering feels so freeing.


Slowing down and finding a healthier balance reduces stress which benefits immunity, energy, resilience, mental clarity and overall health. 

Stay safe, and I wish you the Best of Health!


Amy Davis M.D.

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